We wish to be part of creating arenas for learning, analyzing, and participating towards a vital exchange of ideas benefiting all parties in a continual search for creative innovation.

Our Story


As an institution within Stockholm University, Accelerator is an exhibition space where art, science and social issues converge. The mission of Accelerator is to engage actively with society, producing exhibitions presenting international and Swedish contemporary art.

The Jewish Museum in Stockholm

A new incarnation of the museum saw the light of day, and Stockholm gained a place for conversations concerning the most important issue of our time—the conditions and strategies of integration.

The Per Ahlmark Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to promote scientific research and education in political science, economy and the history of ideas and Jewish history, with a particular emphasis on democracy and human rights.

Batsheva Dance Company

Batsheva Dance Company was founded in Israel in 1964. Proventus has been a supporter since 1998. In 2014 the Robert Weil Family Foundation took the responsability of this long-term partnership.

Melchior Social Initiative

The model of religious peace, being faithful to one belief, being confident in the limitations and modesty of one’s existence towards G-d and fellowman, makes it possible to build new coalitions, give a new hope for peace and a partnership of values in the Middle East and all over the world.


An organization with the mission to inspire children aged 8-18 in under-privileged areas to conquer the written word.


Amanah is a Jewish-Muslim joint project, built on the collaboration between Imam Salahuddin Barakat and the Rabbi Moshe David Ha-Cohen.

Ulrica Hydman Vallien Foundation

In 2019, the Vallien family, Orrefors Kosta Boda and the Robert Weil Family Foundation established a foundation in memory of Ulrica Hydman Vallien to continue the legacy of her work.

Beckmans College of Design

For the Robert Weil Family Foundation this step was the result of a more than 15-year-long collaboration with Beckmans- but more importantly, of 40 years of working in the field of design, craftsmanship, education and industry in various ways.

MTZ prize

The MTZ Prize was established in 2018 in memory of Mikael T Zielinski. It is a scholarship awarded to a person or institution working in Mikael’s spirit.