Our Story

A foundation with its roots in curiosity, conviction and commitment – aiming for social and environmental sustainability and creative innovation.

The Robert Weil Family Foundation was founded in 2014, but has a history since 1969 when the young Robert Weil started Weil Invest. The foundation was founded when legislation for cultural foundations was converted to assume the same status as science and research in Sweden. The Robert Weil Family Foundation initiates and supports a variety of activities in dance, drama, and the Fine Arts as well as projects devoted to education, democracy and bridging political divides.

Our commitment stems from a personal engagement – driven by conviction rather than philanthropy. Our engagement is based on an understanding of history adjacent to today. We work closely in long-term partnerships, embodied in Robert Weil’s founding of Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art (Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall in 1987) and the Jewish Theatre in Stockholm (1997). Institutions that have grown and made possible new ways of meeting, beyond traditional borders. Our philosophy goes beyond short-sightedness and sponsorship-based engagement to creating an arena for learning, analyzing, and participating towards a vital exchange of ideas benefiting all parties in a continual search for creative innovation.

The Robert Weil Family Foundation does not accept conventional applications regarding future projects. We have an extensive external group of individuals who directs us to future engagements. Nevertheless, we will always read all proposal and incoming ideas, but we will not necessarily reply to unsolicited material.

The board of the Robert Weil Family Foundation consists of Pia Forsgren, Former Artistic Director of the Jewish Theatre, David Neuman, Director Emeritus and Chairman of Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art and Sandra Weil, independent curator. Robert Weil, owner and founder of Proventus AB, Chairman of the Board and Lina Sjöquist, Secretary General.

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Robert Weil

Chairman and Founder

Sandra Weil

Board Member

David Neuman

Board Member

Pia Forsgren

Board Member

Lina Sjöquist

Secretary General

Phone: +46 70 493 84 26

Email: ls@weilfoundation.se