Drops is an installation piece in glass created by Ann Wåhlström specifically for the new entrance at Södertälje Hospital. Free for all to interpret. Light reflections, a forest, a lake, tears, a summer rain or whatever comes to mind.

Ann Wåhlström, born in 1957, educated in Sweden and the USA, has created both functional and decorative glass since the 1980’s as a glass­blower, designer and visual artist. Wåhlström is based in Stockholm and collaborates with skilled glassblowers in Sweden, the USA and the Czech Republic.

Drops was originally an integral part of the staging of Different Trains which premiered in 2008 at the Jewish Theatre in Stockholm, based on Steve Reich’s composition of the same name. The performance piece was a multifaceted visualisation by Pia Forsgren, the Artistic Director of the theatre, where the Swedish string quartet Fleshquartet performed surrounded by glass drops made by Ann Wåhlström.

Donated by the Robert Weil Family Foundation and The Jewish Theatre in Stockholm.