The Jewish Museum in Stockholm

On June 6, 2019, the Jewish Museum in Stockholm opened its doors after a relocation and renovation. A new incarnation of the museum saw the light of day, and Stockholm gained a place for conversations concerning the most important issue of our time—the conditions and strategies of integration. The Robert Weil Family Foundation has committed to a substantial long-term support to the museum.

The Jewish Museum in Stockholm was established in 1987 by Viola and Aron Neuman in Frihamnen. Exhibitions with reference to Jewish life were displayed in an old rug warehouse. In 1992, the museum moved to Hälsingegatan in Vasastan where it flourished for over 15 years. In spring 2019 the museum reopened in its new location on Själagårdsgatan in Gamla Stan, where from 1795 to 1870 was the home of Stockholm’s synagogue. There, yet another puzzle piece of Swedish-Jewish heritage was put into place. For the museum, the move to Själagårdsgatan was a coming home. The museum has as a goal to make Swedish-Jewish history accessible and broaden the understanding of a shared Swedish history and heritage. The Robert Weil Family Foundation provides an extended support to the museum’s leadership so that their vision may take shape.

Judiska Museet