St Eriksmedaljen to Robert Weil

Since 1938, the Municipal Board of Stockholm has awarded the St. Erik’s Medal to Stockholmers who, through their activities or efforts, are considered to deserve such an award from the city.

Decisions on who will be awarded the medal are made by the municipal board. This years laurates are Maja Hagerman, historian and journalist, Hans Ulfvebrandt, priest and dean in Stockholm but also Robert Weil. We are proud to announce the motivation:

Robert Weil, patron, philanthropist and financier. Robert Weil is a modern patron and philanthropist who through the Robert Weil Family Foundation, for many years has supported young narrators, dancers and designers. The foundation, which bears his name, also works to counter anti-Semitism and promote understanding and constructive dialogue between Jews and Muslims, thus creating social sustainability and community for the future.

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