Lars Norén and Stefan Sauk, rehearsing Stilla vatten, photo by Matthias Johansson

We are remembering Lars Norén

Stilla Vatten

Stilla Vatten was part of a series of dramas written by Lars Norén on the boundary between life and death. The performance premiered at the Jewish Theatre in Stockholm in October 2002 and was a collaboration between the Jewish Theatre and Riksteatern-Riks drama. Lars Norén directed his own play about six people and an uninvited guest.

‘Still Waters is a rich text, hilarious and horrific, but above all, substantial and full of reflecting facets in which we constantly catch glimpses of ourselves and our own situation… Still Waters is a group achievement, a totality made up of seven parts packed with aggressions, sorrow, and all sorts of laughs.’- Lars Ring, Svenska Dagbladet, October 14, 2002.

The production also made possible the meeting between Lars Norén and Anders Wester, Art Director at Proventus since 1982 and involved in almost every production at the Jewish Theatre. Stilla Vatten led to a fruitful collaboration between the two, amongst other a campaign of posters displaying Noréns unforgettable oneliners. Visit The Archive to read more about Stilla Vatten.

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