The Robert Weil Family Foundation is founder and long term supporter of EcoOcean.

EcoOcean is an environmental organization founded in Israel 2002 by Andreas Weil and the Weil family, dedicated to marine research and education with the primary vision to create a healthy, non-polluted environment in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Robert Weil Family foundation is committed to its long term funding.

In every of its engagements, The Robert Weil Family foundation is promoting dialogue and bridgebuilding activities aiming to be part of creating a sustainable future for all.

Environmental challenges cannot be separated from their impact on equal opportunities, basic human rights and distributive justice, therefore environmental sustainability is necessarily also a social issue. The sea is the life-line of Israel – it provides drinking water, energy, goods and leisure.

EcoOcean was founded with the primary goal of protecting the Eastern Mediterranean waters. By supporting marine research and education, EcoOcean contributes to a higher level of scientific knowledge, public awareness and scientific based decision making. EcoOcean is involved in environmental education programs, marine research, conservation projects, and international cooperation. The organization’s main tool for supporting research and conservation work is the research vessel, the Mediterranean Explorer. The Mediterraenean Explorer has been involved in numerous research projects throughout the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and has become an active player in conservation efforts and a platform for training thousands of young marine scientists.

EcoOcean believes that education is the essential tool in saving our oceans, it is the way to strengthen a healthy bond between humans and the environment. Therefore, an education center was established for this purpose. EcoOcean has created a variety of hands-on educational programs customized for youth, adults, teachers and community leaders, including all groups and communities in Israeli society.