Kuchinate – African Refugee Women’s Collective

Kuchinate (crochet in Tigrinya) is an arts-based economic and psychosocial collective for African asylum-seeking women living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Members earn a fair wage by designing and creating crafts rooted in African culture, and hosting events, crochet workshops and traditional coffee ceremonies. The women heal from trauma through art, community and therapy.

The women that Kuchinate empowers are the most vulnerable asylum-seeking women – many are survivors of human trafficking, torture, and sexual abuse. The act of sitting together in a supportive, communal environment whilst making creations rooted in African culture is therapeutic and helps the women cope with their difficult realities.

Kuchinate‚Äôs goal is to achieve resilience and well-being through a holistic approach which includes economic empowerment, psycho-social and community support, vocational training and public advocacy through different modes of art. Kuchinate takes pride in using this unique approach to strengthen, uplift and empower hundreds of the most vulnerable women within the African asylum-seeking community. 

Kuchinate has exhibited at major museums and galleries, building bridges with communities in Israel and abroad. Since its founding in 2011, Kuchinate has transformed the lives of hundreds of women.

Sandra Weil serves as the chair of Kuchinate. The Robert Weil Family foundation is proud supporter of the womens collective.